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Welcome to CarlsGold.com!  The Internet home of the Music of Our Lives! 


A fun-filled site rich in history, music and memories.  Join me, Carl B. Peeples, for a journey down memory lane as we experience the wonderful memories and sounds of our past.  Nothing evokes pleasant memories like a long forgotten song.  Memories of places, events and people…and, likely an incomparable first love and a sweet, sweet kiss!  It's all right here…especially for you at CarlsGold.com.


Choose your favorite music from a wonderful array of all hit music and nothing but hits 24/7/365. . .


1.  War Years Radio - The long gone days of the Big Bands, old time radio programs and historic news clips and broadcasts from WWII...a true time machine!


2.  Carl's Gold Radio - A bell curve, if you will, of entertainment history and music from the 1940’s through the 1960’s with excursions as far back as the 1920’s and as far forward as this very day.  Enjoy the wonderful Pop Fifties years, that glorious period between The Big Bands and Elvis.  Plus the dawn of Rock 'n' Roll in the late fifties, the British Invasion in the early sixties and a splendid touch of the swinging seventies.


3.  Encore 80s - Every Top 40 hit from January of 1980 through December of 1989.


4.  Encore Blues Trail - Take a wonderful stroll or drive down inimitable US-61 along the east bank of "Big Muddy".  If you like real "Blues", there's no better place to look.


5.  Encore Country - Only the best from the Country charts from the 80s to the present.


6.  Carl's Country Classics - If you want to go back to the roots of pure, absolutely Classic American Country Music, then join Georgia Radio Hall of Fame personality Red Jones on Carl's Country Classics!  Red spins (yes…we have long forgotten "only to be found on" vinyl) the biggest Chartbusters of all time including many wonderful old songs that you thought that you would never hear again.  Plus, enjoy the "Comedy Corner" and from Red, humor, wisdom and "sometimes" useful information and philosophy from "The Cracker Barrel!"


7.  Encore Groove - Only the best of Soul & R&B...classic and recent.  From the Four Tops to Marvin Gaye to Keith Sweat.  Join us for "smooth" music you can feel.


8.  Encore Edge - Like rock 'n roll on the harder side?  Here is where you'll find the best of the harder sounds of the late 60s through the mid 90s.


If you enjoy 100% classic, solid gold music, then you'll love workin' in the gold mine with me!  We'll dust 'em off and spin 'em again and again and again!  I hope that you enjoy this site as much as I enjoy presenting it to you day by day.  I guarantee to serve up wonderful memories for you.  Thank you for visiting!


Carl B. Peeples